ADOX® reliability since 1994



ISOLCELL introduces the first low pressure and low energy consuming VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorbtion) system. Read more about the technology, how it works. ADOX VPSA technology


The new oxygen adsorber “Adox” is being developed and patented. It is the evolution of the VSA, a system that until today is unbeaten in it’s energy efficiency. Wherever the oxygen level needs to be lowered in conjunction with maximum efficiency “Adox” is the preferred solution.

Using special self-generating filters, with the ADOX® N2 ORS, ISOLCELL has developed a modular system for gaining nitrogen in a most ecological and very low energy consuming process. The ratio between oxygen and nitrogen in the air of the area to be protected is being changed without using additives. The result is “air”, odorless, colorless clean and fresh, except it does not allow a fire to develop.

ADOX®, a patented system, has been designed for heavy duty usage (24/7/365) being extremely moderate in energy consumption at the same time, thus being benchmark in its economy for nitrogen a self-producers.

still in operation
More than 150.000 working hours. This ADOX unit is still in operation since the ’90s

ADOX old 1994

Did you know?

Many ADOX units are still in operation since the ’90s ! Please do not hesitate to ask us for information about.