fire prevention

How a N2 ORS® plant looks like

ORS fire prevention plant according to the general requirements EN 16750 Standard EN 16750:2017 N2 Oxygen reduction system ® plant Modular ADOX® VPSA technology SIL-3 IEC 61508 , oversizing acc. to EN 16750 and redundancy features Main Control Units (Master + Slave), SIL-3 IEC 61508 Manifold with different valves-positions dedicated to specific virtual area, see Virtual …

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Ireland’s first ORS document storage

N2 Oxygen Reduction System® The generated and controlled atmosphere makes combustion in a storage facility in Ireland impossible. Oxygen levels within the protected storage facility are continuously measured using optical oxygen sensors. The ISOLCELL’s N2 ORS® O2 sensors (certified SIL-3 IEC 61508) sample the air simultaneously from several intake ports throughout the facility. The oxygen …

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