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Isolcell fire prevention

Yesterday we invited customers, colleagues and friends to visit the facilities in Grido Helacor S.A. of our N2 OXYGEN REDUCTION SYSTEM® – powered by ISOLCELL S.p.A. which prevents and prevents the development of fires and therefore fires preventively 24/7/365!

We would like to thank BiAConsult, Grupo Elcor and Grupo Arcor who accompanied us on a very interesting day as José Baez invited us to walk and learn inside how Grido was born, grew and will continue to grow… A luxury to have as a host. truly a LUSSO!!!!!

We were lucky that #Eduardo #Stahl (orange Isolcell waistcoat) was from Patagonia (Central House) and we were able to get first-hand advice on the ORS system as it is his third installation in Argentina … although it has more than 35 years as a reference protecting the fruit of the upper Rio Valley with this same system!!!!

We were able to learn the details of the commercial process, the insurers’ risk analysis, the technical analysis and other aspects that #Jose told us about the project to install ORS in their depots and those being …..

We will do new days since we were able to see the assembly process, soon we will have the start-up and then we will be able to visit the facilities with the system in operation.

Can we invite you to the next tours?

Can we hear your concerns, doubts, questions?

We are interested in learning together…. Understanding their needs, experiences, requirements, etc.
We want to better understand why it may be important to #Prevenir….. and #Detectar + #Apagar!

We look forward to seeing you for the next visit….?

We will plan interested parties (maximum 5-6 companies/people) to plan a new visit in 15/20 days with the installation almost at its starting point….

Will you join in?

Shall we schedule you?

Isolcell fire prevention
Isolcell fire prevention
Isolcell fire prevention

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