Ireland’s first ORS document storage


N2 Oxygen Reduction System®

The generated and controlled atmosphere makes combustion in a storage facility in Ireland impossible.

Oxygen levels within the protected storage facility are continuously measured using optical oxygen sensors. The ISOLCELL’s N2 ORS® O2 sensors (certified SIL-3 IEC 61508) sample the air simultaneously from several intake ports throughout the facility.

The oxygen value is then compared with a target value. If the latter is lower than the actual value, controlled quantities of inert nitrogen gas is directed into exactly the area of demand through valves, thus providing 24/7/365 fire prevention.

As nitrogen is an inert gas it has no effect on the documents stored.

The nitrogen is generated by ISOLCELL’s ADOX®N2 ORS® modular machines, based on Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology. The machines are located in a single plant room.

Airlock doors
Protected document storage facility
VPSA technology
ADOX® modules VPSA technology