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The N2 Oxygen Reduction System® includes:

  • A CIE (Control Indicating Equipment) control unit, compliant with EN 54-2, EN 54-4, and EN 61508
  • Reduced-oxygen atmosphere generator, compliant with 2004/108/CE, 2006/42/CE, and 2006/95/EC
  • Feed line nitrogen, compliant with EN 10204 and EN 10255
  • Oxygen sensor system SIL-3 (IEC 61508) compliant with EN 54-20, EN 50104, EN 61508, EN 54-07
  • Monitoring equipment interface, compliant with EN 50200
  • Self-monitoring system
  • Communication module, compliant with EN 54-17 and EN 54-18
  • System diagram
  • Remote management and support
  • Additional power supply, compliant with EN 54-4
  • Displays and optical and acoustic warning devices, EN 54-3
Reduced-oxygen atmosphere generator, ADOX® technology type
Control Indicating Equipment (CIE), Master + Slave, Redundancy features
Manifold with electrical valves, based on ISOLCELL’s Virtual grid methodology
Steel Pipes for N2
N2 injection through Steel Pipes and Steel Nozzles
Oxygen Sensor, Zirconium technology
Oxygen Sensor, Optical technology
ABS Pipes for O2 analysis
Touchscreen Digital Display (O2 level)
Alarm devices