Munch Museum’s archives and server rooms protected by ISOLCELL N2 ORS®

More than 40,000 objects connected with the famous painter Edvard Munch will be moved to the new Munch Museum in Oslo. The new Munch Museum will open to the public in 2020 and the visitors will enjoy the painter’s most famous works, such as «The Scream», «Girls on the Bridge» and «Madonna».

ISOLCELL Spa is very pleased to have designed and installed the oxygen reduction fire prevention system. The installed N2 Oxygen Reduction System® actively prevents from fires 11 different archives and server rooms distributed over 10 levels. The new Munch Museum’s archives retain irreplaceable artefacts, paintings and was therefore unthinkable a different fire protection solution.

The installed oxygen reduction fire prevention system provides high redundancy features e.g. oxygen analysis, communication and electrical cables, alarm devices, back-up batteries in case of power supply failure and of the oxygen-reduced atmosphere production. The oxygen-reduced atmosphere is generated by ISOLCELL’s ADOX® N2 ORS® modular machines, based on Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology. With this low-pressure technology, operating with an average pressure of 1.2 bar, it is possible to eliminate high pressure compressors, thus significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs.