Health and safety

Perfect protection of your premises by N2 OXYGEN REDUCTION SYSTEM® in the most environmentally friendly way

When we talk about the air we breath we often and falsely talk about oxygen. In fact, the air we breath consists of 78,08 Vol.% of nitrogen and only 20,95 Vol.% of oxygen (0,93 Vol.% Argon and 0,04 Vol.% CO2). This ratio between nitrogen and oxygen is the same all over the world, high up in the mountains or low down at the sea. The food every fire needs to burn is the oxygen supplied by nature. By modifying the atmosphere and changing the ration between these two ingredients N2 FIREFIGHTER® denies the fire enough “food” to get established.

The changed ratio has got the equivalent effect to human beings as a stay in high altitude or when travelling by plane as the lower air pressure drives the molecules apart and the amount of oxygen inhaled with every breath is less than in lower atmospheres.

Information relating access to the protected areas are illustrated:

  • AI, Arbeitsinspektorat
  • SUVA, Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt
  • DGUV, Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung
  • UIAA, Medical commission of Union Internationale Des Associations D’Alpinisme