ADOX® SERIES Plug & Play concept

The clever solution: low energy consumption, reduction of maintenance costs

With ISOLCELL´s VPSA ADOX N2ORS adsorbtion technology nitrogen will be gained from air by using a so-called carbon molecular sieve (CMS). For this unique technology a flow of low compressed air, supplies the first of two or more tanks, containing the molecular sieve. In the adsorbtion process the CMS will be saturated with oxygen while the nitrogen passes by.

While the first tank will be depressurised using a vacuum pump, the second tank will be supplied with air and process starts again. This cycle is continuously repeated, thus obtaining a constant and continuous supply.

For the low compressed flow of air only a small low-pressure compressor is needed. Compared to Membrane or PSA technology where high-pressure compressors are needed, the energy required is reduced significantly and consequently costs are kept low.

The VPSA ADOX N2ORS systems do not require additional components like the PSA technique (please see) this in combination with the low pressure, the mechanical load on the equipment is reduced drastically and results in lower maintenance costs compared to Membrane and PSA technique.

modelli ADOX


Modular System

New upgraded ADOX® N2ORS line launch: multibanking, modular and programmable, specifically developed for fire prevention purposes whose peculiarities are a world record in terms of energy efficiency, improved ergonomics, high configurability and last but not least the significant reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), achieved thanks to an accurate planning and to the selection of the best components with very low maintenance.

On top of the economical and ecological advantages provided, ADOX N2 ORS is fully modular and can be enhanced even after commissioning or when the requirement has changed. Due to its modular design ISOLCELL’s ADOX Swing Adsorbtion Generators cater for planned or even for unforeseen changes and gives you the greatest flexibility possible.

Modular concept


High sound performance optimization.

The new upgraded ADOX N2 ORS has been designed in order to reduce drastically the noise level.

ONLY < 64 DB certified according to ISO 3744:2010
This amazing result has been achieved thanks to an accurate designing, planning and selection of the best components and high performance sound proof cabinet.

sound performace

1994: ISOLCELL introduces the first low pressure and low energy consuming VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorbtion) system.

Did you know?

Many ISOLCELL’s ADOX units are still in operation since the ’90s ! Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information about.