PSA Technology

ISOLCELL´s NIMOS PSA technology generates a reduced oxygen atmosphere by producing nitrogen from the surrounding air. A flow of 6 to 10 bar compressed air, dried and filtered, supplies the first of two or more cylinders, containing a special carbon molecular sieve. In the adsorbtion process the CMS will be saturated with oxygen and the nitrogen passes by.

While the first tank will be depressurised, the second tank will be supplied with air and the process starts again. This cycle is continuously repeated, thus obtaining a constant and continuous supply of nitrogen. The major difference to the swinging adsorbtion technology is the higher pressure, thus causing a higher energy consumption. However, if there are altitude differences from production to the operational area to overcome or small pipe diameters to be used the higher pressure may be required for the nitrogen to travel.

ISOLCELL’s NIMOS series PSA-type generators are fully automated and are equipped with an oxygen analyser and a microprocessor that controls its operation.

PSA S model

The elements required by a PSA-type N2 ORS® fire prevention system are:

1. Compressor
2. Cyclone separator
3. Compressed air tank
4. Electronic condensate discharge
5. Universal filter
6. Air dryer
7. Fine filter
8. Micro filter
9. Activated carbon filter
10. PSA nitrogen generator
11. Process tank
12. Nitrogen buffer tank
13. Dust filter