Generating a Reduced Oxygen Atmosphere

Based on the molecular separation of air, the N2 Oxygen Reduction system produces the required nitrogen for generating the fire preventing reduced oxygen atmosphere.

Except electricity, we neither need gas, liquefaction plants nor cylinders, the N2 Oxygen Reduction system requires just ambient air as source for the nitrogen production.
Having designed, manufactured, installed and operated nitrogen generators for over 60 years, ISOLCELL is in the position to offer all existing technologies for creating an oxygen reduced atmosphere:

1) VPSA (Vacuum pressure swing adsorption) technology - ADOX® series

ISOLCELL utilized its incomparable experience in the field of generated and controlled atmospheres to develop the patented ADOX® series, designed to extremely limit operating costs (energy consumption, maintenance) and to raise the bar to the highest level in the category of self-standing nitrogen production equipment.

With the ADOX VPSA low pressure technology operating with a maximum pressure of 1.4bar(g) it was possible to eliminate high pressure compressors, thus significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs.

The ADOX® series is particularly suitable to protect medium and large premises, optimizing operating costs by up to 60% compared to “traditional” nitrogen production technologies, and nevertheless offering equivalent or even higher yields.

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2) PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Technology - NIMOS series

Opposite to the low pressure ADOX technology, PSA systems are being operated with a pressure between 6 to 10bar (g). Like with the ADOX system the air separating media used is CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve).

Additionally to high pressure compressors, with the PSA technology, compressed air filtration systems, dryers, steam traps, oil separators etc. are needed to guarantee a smooth and reliable nitrogen production.

The PSA NIMOS systems have been designed for protecting medium to large size facilities. Already existing compressors on site can be utilized if pressure and air quality proofs to be suitable for the nitrogen production and also meet our high standards.

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3) MEMBRANE Technology- ISOSEP series

For protecting small and very small facilities ISOSEP systems are the perfect choice. As of the small amounts of nitrogen required the economical advantages of dividing the air by CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) are not given, a filtering process by hollow fibre membrane technology comes to use.

The ISOSEP series equipment is particularly suitable for protecting small rooms, and thanks to its ergonomic design it can easily be installed inside the protected area.

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