Main applications:

  • Automated/intensives warehouses
  • ASRS warehouses (Automated Storage Retrieval System)
  • HBW (High-Bay warehouses)
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Cool stores, Freezer warehouses
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Food warehouses
  • Paper mills
  • Etc.

Oxygen depletion fire prevention systems are the perfect solution for fully or half automated warehouses, if it is an ambient temperature warehouse or a cold store, the method eliminates the risk of fire completely thus also eliminating consequential damages a fire would cause.
For economical reasons more and more companies tend to manufacture and store their products in a single facility, making an absolute and reliable fire prevention indispensable.

A striking example is an automated warehouse near Parma, in Italy, with a volume of 161,000 m³, covering 4,600 m² and a capacity of 27,000 pallets, used to store plastic table utensils. The particular characteristics of the product and the high calorific value of the plastic led the company to look beyond traditional fire-fighting technologies and to turn to the only concept of prevention. Despite the more than 500 storage and retrieval movements per hour, the reduced-oxygen atmosphere is accurately being maintained and constantly monitored to reliably eliminating the risk of fire.